Run :) Challenge

Here's a the list of the Run Smiley Challenges: some fun, silly, creative (and possible downright odd) things that will hopefully put a smile on your face and add a little zest to your run. The most recent challenge is at the top, and if there's a "due date" rather than a "report," that means it isn't too late -- you can still join in the madness!  We here at the Collective are also big fans of "better late than never" (DFL>DNF>>DNS), so who cares if the challenge has been over for a month?  Challenge yourself, and let us know how it went.  

Also, if you have any ideas for a challenge, send them to The Urban Trailrunner (mrvandyke[at]

Challenge #2:     Chalk Smiley     Report
Challenge #1:     Climb a tree        Report